Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day of Awesome Spinning Mojo

I can barely believe I spun this Merino Tencel roving from KnittyAndColor (colorway is Serpent's Tail). I struggled a bit at first, but then it started drafting with almost no help from my hands. And then plied perfectly into a 2 ply heavy fingering weight. Can not wait to finish this and knit it into a lovely shawl, but my next day of spinning was a dud. Broke more fiber than spun and made a lot of thick- thin slubby mess. Today has gone better, so I should soon be on my way. Did both spinning and plying on the Hansen miniSpinner, which I love.
The pics above show the original roving and the results of my day of awesome spinning mojo. I wonder if this yarn got nervous as it saw the white feet of the Yarn Eater approaching? Fortunately, Paloma had just finished a Fancy Feast breakfast and was satisfied by inserting her paws into my photos.


  1. Very cool! And I love that Paloma made a guest appearance. Hmmm so any of your fancy spun yarn good for some socks for your sis in cold PA?

  2. So far, have only made 2 ply yarn (not the best for socks). However, will soon be moving on to 3 ply with yarn thin enough for socks!