Monday, April 26, 2010

The Yarn Eater Revealed

Paloma is named for the peaceful dove but in reality, is a naughty yarn eater. She was born in the late Spring of 2005 in Iowa. This humble barn kitten and runt of the litter conned me into to adopting her at a few weeks of age. Appearing to be small and sickly, she soon showed her true colors after arrival at my apartment. Regularly beating up her larger and fluffier brother (Paco, seen here with her in a rare moment of peace) became a regular hobby. Other hobbies include following the dog around (Paloma has always loved dogs), eating yarn and books (she prefers hardcover, but softcover will do), escaping from the house, knocking things of shelves, knocking paintings off walls, chewing on wires and whining at the bedroom door while I try to sleep. If let into the bedroom at night, she usually dozes off until ~ 4am. She then gets up and starts one of the previously mentioned activities. Her favorite talent is her ability to close doors, usually in order to lock herself and a sibling into a room while I am at work on vacation. This usually occurs in a room that does not contain a litterbox.

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